Kronos Group is committed to improving the lives of people by enabling meaningful connections at the right place and the right time.

We stand by our mission to deliver the highest standards of service and develop meaningful relationships with our customers, employees, and society.

Kronos Corporate Group is a dynamic organization dedicated to innovation and portfolio diversification across multiple sectors. The journey began in 1986 by Pantelis Athinis, with the founding of Kronos Press Distribution Agency the first company in the group. Initially focused on distributing specific press titles to kiosks in Cyprus, Kronos Press Distribution Agency has grown to dominate the press distribution market in Cyprus, managing 85% of local press, all Greek titles, and numerous international publications.

Over the years, the group has expanded significantly. Pathin Trading Ltd. was established to specialize in General Trading, FMCGs, and Goods Distribution. Kronos Express and Kronos Express Shipping were created to provide comprehensive logistics services in Greece and Cyprus. Additionally, Milkro Hellas Publishers Services was formed to focus on press distribution and printing in Greece.

Kronos Corporate Group continues to expand its portfolio, investing in various sectors including press distribution, advanced logistics solutions, smart platforms for online retail, onsite online payment solutions, publishing, logistics and supply chain management, consultation services, and international and domestic courier services. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, Kronos Corporate Group remains committed to leading in each sector it operates.

We are driven by the following values:

How we contribute to the society

Being members of the local society, we aim to give back, not only by providing new value through business but also by contributing to the solution of social challenges and improving the lives of people!

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